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Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold
* born. 04.5.2015, stud bitch, OVVR, Res. CAC
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD negative
Certificate of hereditary eye examination - negative 09/2018 - HERE
Certificate of hereditary eye examination - negative 09/2020 - HERE
PRA/PRCD  homozygot - A - clear (for parents)
GR- PRA1 a PRA2 - N/N - negative
height 55 cm, scissor bite, full dentition, dark eye
" Phoebe "
PHOTOGALERRY: PHOEBE and something about my origin...
I am a representative of the Golden Retriever breed and I am a breeding bitch. I was born in CHS Artemis Gold. I am very beautiful, after both parents I have show successes, natural aptitude for work with fetch and good health.
Learn more about me HERE
 Lizzie is my wonderful mother, Benny is my father, Scobby is now  grandfather and Shaki is  grandmother, Sisi is an aunt and Chilli is a great-aunt and Oliver is my little brother, Niké is my stepdaughter and Samy is my daughter and Tiffany is also my daughter.    
My progeny: litter "R" - litter - "S" - litter "T"
Daughters Samantha and Tiffany stay with me in  my native kennel
My progeny: litter  "R" - litter - "S" -  litter "T"
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