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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete ... (Roger Caras)
  NEWS 2023                                                                                                                  
Four AG breedings were entered in the competition and we are very proud of you!
MIA defended last year's championship!!!
Overall results HERE
Samantha - KPZ RK CZ Borovy - I. cena CACT CCT 2nd place
Puppies were born to Caya and Nelson in Rock Point kennel - more HERE
NELSON is oficiálly the CHAMPION SLOVAKIA at 22 months old - more HERE
A longed-for girl was born in Kennel Hunting Gold - more HERE

Super "jarní" víkend na Slovensku SPRINGDANUBE

01.04.2023 – rozhodčí: INZOLI MASSIMO, IT
02.04.2023 – rozhodčí: POCAS JOAO VASCO, PT
Prubli jsme štěstíčko , zda by klucí ze zimy 2022  nepotvrdili Šampionát Slovenska a vyšlo to
Another breeding dog from AG - this time first handsome boy from the "U" AG litter - Rocky
The first breeeding dog in the Czech Republic after the Australian dog from Kennel Alubyc !!!
Viktor Artemis Gold - VIKI - DHD A ED 0/0 OCD negative
The trip to see Dr. Beránek in Prague turned our great - Nelson and Niky - DOV - examination - clear!
Nelson Golden Victory - ECVO - negative  03/2023 - HERE
Queen Victoria Artemis Gold - ECVO - negative  03/2023 - HERE
The snow has returned to us, the dogs are happy about it


NELSON is stud dog - more HERE

We are only accepting applications for training at OVVR without accommodation at the ONTARIO camp!
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