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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete ... (Roger Caras)
  NEWS 2021                                                                                                                  
MIKEE - Thevenet Pure Passion has birthday - wish HERE
Puppies litter "U" AG - are already in new homes - more HERE and HERE
The puppies are in wonderful families and we will definitely see them both in the field of work and show ...
International competition of all retrievers 2021
4 ... in the words of FOUR "PROGENY Artemis Gold" from all breeds of retrievers nominated for XV. MSR 2021 !!!
They train well in the group ... where there is paradise for dogs ... and also for us ...
Tiffany & Co Artemis Gold
Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold
Samantha Fox Artemis Gold
O´Bellissmanera Something Beautiful
Skydiver Advocate
Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold
Podkrušnohorská oblastní výstava psů loveckých plemen 5.7.2021 zámecký park Červeného hrádku u Jirkova
Samantha Fox Artemis Gold "U"
(Thevenet Pure Passion& Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold)
Excellent 1 & Winner work class
Rožmberský pohár - Třeboň - 3. - 4. 7.2021 - Samantha Fox Artemis Gold - "U" - Universal bitch !
Qujote de La Mancha AG - II nd prize
Samantha Fox AG - III rd prize
Oliver Watterloo Jr. AG - II nd prize
Although some PROGENY AG have passed comprehensive tests repeatedly,
Samantha is the ninth offspring of our kennel, which boasts the title ÚNIVERSAL DOG - "U"
WEEKEND - training and training
VERY VERY VERY thank you very much for the presentation of our PROGENY in 2020  
Krásně se to četlo, krásně se to psalo, ještě krásněji se na to kouká !
Moc Vám děkujeme nejúžasnější páníčkové!
Vždyť bez Vás by to nešlo, krásná práce !
MOUNTFIELD CUP 2020 KCHLS - sekcion Retriever
... in 2020 they presented themselves:
Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold
Queen Victoria Artemis Gold
Quijote de La Mancha Artemis Gold
Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold
Samantha Fox Artemis Gold
Scarlett Johansson Artemis Gold
Santiago Calatrava Artemis Gold
Sarah Anna Bell Artemis Gold

In Kennel Sonak was born puppies - more HERE

Puppies were born in our kennel on June 12, 2021
The father of the puppies is an imported Australian dog
- this is his first litter in the Czech Republic!

PROGENY Artemis Gold - KPZ  Kyselka - 29.5.2021:

Samantha Fox Artemis Gold

KPZ prize  Res. CACT and  2. nd place !

WCH Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold "U"

KPZ 1 st.prize and  3.rd place !

Samantha Fox Artemis Gold - 1 st prize Res. CACT and  2.nd place

Quijote de La Mancha Artemis Gold "U" - 2.nd prize

Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold "U" - prize

WCH Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold "U" prize  and 3.rd place

Vítězové na KPZ KYSELKA - 29.5.2021:
Mikke´s daughters took the first three places!
1. Cyndi Kendy Gold prize CACT
(Thevenet Pure Passion&Anna Bell Kendy Gold)
2. Samantha Fox Artemis Gold prize Res.CACT
(Thevenet Pure Passion&Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold)
3. Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold prize
(Thevenet Pure Passion&Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold)
PROGENY Artemis Gold - passed test OVVR - 28.5.2021:
Tosca Yessica Tammy Artemis Gold  (at the age of six months)
Shakira Ripoll Artemis Gold
Thank you very much to the owners for the presentation of our PROGENY !!!
In Kennel z Měsíčních plání are expencting puppies - Vanilka & Sunny - Quijote de La Mancha Artemis Gold
This year for the first time in the "Holidays with retriever 2021!
... handling etiquette lessons - professional handler  Nikol Hesová

"Bíbí" - Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold celebrates 6th Birthday

In Kennel Bohemian Gold Pearl was born puppies - Bella & Ortis - Ortis Artemis Gold - more HERE

"LIZZIE" - Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold celebrates 10 th Birthday - wishes HERE

In Kennel Klondeik Bohemia Gold are expenctig puppies  - more HERE

In Kennel Rock Point was born Puppies - MIKEE & Ruby - more HERE

In Kennel  Magic Spell  was born Golden Retriever puppies

"SAMY JOHNSON" - Samantha Fox Artemis Gold celebrates his 2nd Birthday

In Kennel  Magandas was born 03/30/2021 Golden Retriever puppies

Divine Mia - Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold "U" officially Czech Champion WORK !
For breeders of a hunting dog, obtaining this title is the best breeding award,
because obtaining this title is conditional on obtaining the title 3x CACT and of which 1x CACT in big universal exams!
We really appreciate it and send thanks to the owners!
This is already the fifth title of Champion of work from kennel Artemis Gold!
Quenn Cleopatra Artemis  Gold "U" - WCH - hunting performance
C.I.B. MultiCh Keira Knightley Artemis Gold "U" - WCH & WCH - hunting performance
C.I.B. MultiCh Chuck Berry Artemis Gold "U" - WCH
Freddy Artemis Gold "U" - WCH
Tiffany stay in her native kennel, albeit unplanned, but she stays - we look forward to lot of fun with FANNY
Tiffany & Co Artemis Gold
There are decisions when reason says no, but you don´t tell heart ... this devil couldn´t resist
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